At NOHUNG, we aim to create and provide career opportunities for anyone that shows promise and talent. We are interested in gaining perspectives from people from different backgrounds and walks of life as we believe that this diversity would help us grow as a company and also at an individual level. NOHUNG is a space for people who are determined to work together as a team and work towards the collective goal of satisfying the needs of our audience.

Our company is more like a family rather than just a group of people working towards a common end- we grow together, learn from each other, and offer each other the support we need. While working with us, you will see teamwork in play, the importance and relevance of it with our staff constantly working hard together to reach our goals every single day. We are a group of hard working and sincere people who are always working to achieve the next big thing.We are still growing and we can’t wait to have new talent join our family.

At NOHUNG, we aim to satisfy the hunger of the foodies in our city, but we also try our best to satisfy our hunger for success through our hard work and effort as a team and as individuals. If you can work with and offer us fresh perspectives and ideas, are up for challenges and solving them as a team, and are determined to help the growth of our company, do reach out to us, we would love to have you on board. To join us send your CV to


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